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Gardeners and the Sharing Economy

By galen.
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As I rode my bike to Charlie's house a couple weekends ago, I felt excited. I was there to see the garden in his backyard. This Spring, Charlie collaborated with Bridget Harrison to replace his lawn with a raised-bed garden. As one of the techies on the MyCityGardens team, this was my first in-person interaction with users who had matched and grown a garden! And they pulled it off. Tomatoes, squash, strawberries, herbs, and more, from all of which they collect produce and seeds.

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As a bonus for me, I was there because we have more good news. MyCityGardens is being featured in an upcoming interactive documentary, HUBFarm ( Produced by Lina Giraldo and Eliana Blaine, the film and website "highlight the current context of urban agriculture, future possibilities, and the historical legacy in the Boston area, covering strategies, interventions, and creations: artistic, technical, scientific, community-based, and design-inspired."

We're excited to participate in the spread of the sharing economy. Honestly, we're still figuring out how this will work. We're looking forward to next year and the next iteration of our plan to turn more grass into gardens.

PS We love learning from others who are giving things a shot. If you're trying something, send us a note or tweet at us @mycitygardens. We'd love to talk.

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