yard sharing is what you want it to be

By jess

I was initially drawn to yard sharing out of frustration at seeing unused yards in Cambridge, a city that both loves local food and has epically long waiting lists for community garden space. Therefore while beginning to develop My City Gardens (MCGs), I figured yard sharing would largely be gardening enthusiasts working the spaces of time strapped or agriculturally indifferent homeowners. I never imagined all the different, equally awesome yard sharing arrangements people would be pursue.

For example, last week I had the opportunity to meet Sue and Matt. Sue is an experienced gardener who enjoys cultivating her yard outside her home near Central Sq. Matt is busy graduate student who lives in a yard-less apartment nearby.  Last year Matt decided he wanted to start growing a few veggies but had no space and considered himself a novice. He met Sue through MCGs. Now when he has spare time he pops over to give Sue a hand. In exchange, Sue has been teaching Matt a bit about gardening and often sends Matt home with some veggies. Win win for all!

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