Our vision. Instead of urban and suburban areas being a sea of buildings connected by streams of concrete and monoculture lawns, imagine the places where you live and work surrounded by lush strips of tasty vegetables and beautiful flowers. Instead of running out of your apartment to buy salad that was grown in another state or continent, you could be running around the block to pick your own. We’re working towards this goal by creating a Boston-based yardsharing site, connecting landholders with little time or interest in working their outdoor spaces with neighbors who want to roll up their sleeves and start planting.

Logistics: Use our interactive website to find  a garden or gardener near you! You decide if the match is right and arrange the details, such as days and times the gardener can access the space, what will be planted, how the crop will be shared, etc.  Sign up for our email newsletter and we will keep you updated on our progress and future events. But not too updated-just a few emails a year.